COVID 19 Vaccine and You

This is NOT the vaccine. This webinar will address concerns Black community members may have about the COVID 19 […]

CTAL: Behind the Frontline of COVID-19

Dr. Greer shares her exploration of the introduction, spread, dynamics, and control of infectious diseases in populations. Behind the […]

Day Trading & Stock Picks 2021

Day Trading & Stock Picks 2021 2021 Stock Picks by Rakuten TradeOur monthly Educational Webinar will include another round […]

Occ-COVID – A Medical Perspective

Occ-COVID - A Medical Perspective: What We Know about the Long Term Health Effects Occ-COVID - A Medical Perspective: […]

COVID-19 Vaccines & You

Join Dr. Rosana Salvaterra, Medical Officer of Health for Peterborough Public Health as she provides an update on the […]

Rock and Roll Fashion

An exploration of the rock music scene through pictures that have captured the world’s attention Join Bob Gruen, author […]